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Karma Eve
Karma Eve

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to Do It

Since I have been doing it for awhile others feel comfortable asking me how they can do it too.
They say I'm good at what I do and I do it well and they would like to do it like me.
I tell them they can do it and if they are serious they can do it just as well or better than me!

So you want to be an erotic writer and/or spoken word artist? YOU CAN DO IT!!

What did you think I was speaking of? Get your mind out of the gutter!

I created a list that can get you started on your journey as an erotic performer or writer. This list is not in any particular order however, as you make this trek you'll figure out what is a priority for you.

  • Have Passion: Feel it in your heart and every fiber of your being to write and to get a message across to your future audience. Don't go into half stepping or it WILL show in your work. 
  • Read/Study: Research, read, and study the work of other erotic artists. Compare their styles, notice how they address their audience, be aware of how they build their stories and characters. 
  • Use Experiences:  They can be your own personal experiences or someone else's but use those to create poems and stories to capture your audience. 
  • Have a Message: Write with a purpose or a message. If you're trying to get the attention of the masses then have something to say once they stop to listen. There is nothing worse than having an artist having a platform only to talk loud and say nothing at the same time. 
  • Be Descriptive: Be colorful and vivid with your words! Make your audience see, hear, smell, and taste what you are writing or saying to them. Make them feel they are right there in the moment.
  • Write and Write Again: Be prepared to write, rewrite, write and rewrite again. I have learned even after you finish a project it is never really ever complete in your eyes. You will look back at that piece a year later and still try to improve it, update it or change it in some way. 
  • Get a Mentor: Find someone who will be honest with you and not just be a "YES" person. This person should be able to motivate you, encourage you, correct you and not judge but assist when you come to them. (Thanks, D-Revolution for being that person for me!)
  • Do It Afraid!: People are going to see you differently. People are going to think differently about you. You are too scared to let someone know what you do. Aw screw that! Use that fear as your flame and sky rocket to the top! 
  • Be Open: Always be ready to learn. Always be ready for feedback good or bad. Be ready to discuss what you do and why you do it. (People will ask and make comments) Be ready to bare your soul to everyone. Be open. 
  • NEVER STEAL: When you admire someone else's work compliment them if you can and try to learn from them if possible, but never, never, ever, ever steal from them! Just like you work hard to create so do they. Your moment will come in due time, it won't come off of someone else's sweat. 
  • Enjoy the Moment: Every word you write or speak, every piece of work you finish, every book you complete, every person who is touched by your art, every mic you bless...Enjoy that moment!
I hope this helps get you started. Please feel free to comment and add tips that I may have left out. I look forward to hearing from you. Erotic Artists (& other artists) Unite! 

Erotic Blessings, 
Karma Eve

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